Who is Gianluca Bernabei?

He is a physical therapist that came out of the School of Orthopedics of the Polo Bolognese in the 1990s. He followed his father’s footsteps, who passed on his knowledge to him after being in the field for more than a decade.

The turning point of his career was in 1998, when he first learned about the Tecar Technology. In the following years he became one of the major specialists of this technology.

This allowed him to enter the world of professional sports, becoming a CONI consultant and treat world-class athletes.

He consulted for and worked with:

  • Ferrari Maranello Team
  • FISI – Italian Winter Sports Federation (with athletes Christian Ghedina, Isolde Kostner, Massimiliano Blardone, Giorgio Rocca, Carolina Kostner).
  • FIDAL – Italian Track and Field Federation
  • FIR – Italian Rugby Federation
  • MotoGP Mobile Clinic (he was responsible for teaching the Tecar Therapy to the therapists of the mobile clinic for the 2003/2004 season in order to treat Marco Melandri’s ankle and right shoulder injuries).
  • Serie A soccer clubs: AC Milan, Internazionale FC, AS Roma, SS Lazio, Udinese Calcio (with athletes Gabriel Omar Batistuta, Francesco Totti, Andrea Pirlo, Christian Vieri, Fabio Cannavaro, Vincenzo Iaquinta, Marco Materazzi, and many others).
  • Professor at “La Sapienza” University of Rome and “Federico II” University of Napoli.


Who is Nicolò Fortis?

Dr. Fortis obtained his physical therapy degree at the University of Torino in 2013.

In 2014 he began working at Gianluca Bernabei’s 1st level Functional Recovery and Rehabilitation Center “FISIOCREA.” There, he began his training in manual mobilization techniques and massage therapy. He also started dedicating himself to clinical research with innovative functional evaluation devices.

He mastered the application of resistive-capacitive diathermy (TecarTherapy) and contributes to establish new guidelines of application (through Evidence-Based Practice) in the sports medicine, orthopedics and traumatology fields.

Throughout the years that he has been working with Bernabei, he continued to study in order to apply new therapeutic-rehabilitative strategies in combination with instrumental physical therapies. Also, he has been collaborating with device companies to educate other therapists both in Italy and abroad on the use of these devices.

Since 2014 he has been using mechanical sound vibrations and, soon after, he entered the scientific committee dedicated to the development and research of these new devices in the rehabilitation field.

He also entered the Carpi Calcio Project, in which FISIOCREA is the reference point for the recovery of injured players.

From 2017 until 2019 he worked as a physical therapist for the Italian National Canoeing and Slalom Kayak Team.

In 2018 he started training on the use of ultrasound screening in the muscular-skeletal field, a course that was conducted by Professor A. Muda (St. Martin Hospital, Genova). By doing so, he has been able to use the ultrasound as a support to the physical therapy techniques, as well as to master the application of radial shock waves (rESWT) and high-power lasers under the ultrasound guidance.


Discover the Tecar Therapy guidelines for musculoskeletal pathologies, identified and applied by Gianluca Bernabei for the past 20 years.