Our philosophy

What is FisioHealing?

FisioHealing is a personalized healing, rehabilitation, and prevention process created by Gianluca Bernabei. This process integrates the relationship between patient, doctor and physical therapist, while applying instrumental physical therapy combined with manual therapy, and keeping track of the results.  


How did it come to be?

FisioHealing comes from the drive to be effective. With 20 years of clinical experience, scientific research and follow-ups, we have been able to identify what is effective and what is not.  


To whom is this addressed?

The use of the FisioHealing method is exclusively for doctors, physical therapists, and MFT inserted in a special list of the order of Physical Therapists.  


How is this research different from others?

The main difference consists in combining multiple therapies into one treatment. As opposed to pure research, Gianluca Bernabei’s system integrates different methods and techniques, resulting in a more effective therapy.  


Discover the Tecar Therapy guidelines for musculoskeletal pathologies, identified and applied by Gianluca Bernabei for the past 20 years.