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Technique (from the Greek term τέχνη (téchne), “art” as in expertise, ability to do and to operate) is the whole group of norms that are applied in a certain activity, either intellectual or manual.

Method (from the Greek μέϑοδος, which is the combination of μετα- (towards, in search for) and ὁδός (way, path)) indicates in broad terms a rational order of behavior. More specifically, it refers to certain rules and principles that need to be known in order to carry out a job correctly.

FisioHealing encompasses different techniques that together make up a method. We started from the bottom-up system, which is a strategy that is used to elaborate information, starting from the beginning (bottom, which is the initial situation) and considering the final goal. This system induces the building of a step-by-step process in which the intermediate and final goals are bound together, so that we can continuously verify the effectiveness of the therapy and quickly identify if there have been any mistakes throughout the process.

I first became a therapist, then a teacher, manager and coordinator of other therapists. The key mechanism of connection in this field, from the acute state to rehabilitation to chronic, was the conveyance of information.

These different techniques were born thanks to the technological advances of the past 20 years and to the experience in the professional sport environment, in which the main goal is to achieve an immediate therapeutic result. Because of this, it is crucial to not just improve the symptoms but, more importantly, to improve functionality as well.

An ecological niche, as sociologists call it, was needed. An environment that allowed to create, share and elaborate these systems, allowing to test their actual effectiveness on patients.

This is why we used technological functional evaluation (data objectification) and followed the EBP path, applying a physical therapy that is the combination of instrumental physical therapy and manual therapy.

In today’s medical science there is too much focus on simply removing the symptoms of a disease, which leads to the neglection of the patient. The patient actually needs to solve the problem at the root and to work on his/her functionality, so that he/she can go back to his/her working and/or athletic life.

Research means to explore the effective solutions in order to solve a patient’s problem.

Contextualizing the therapy and rehabilitation to the patient is crucial, since he/she is the one that invests on the treatments.

The best-practice principle is based on the research of effective strategies, describing the process and collecting data with devices that can analyze in an accurate and repeatable way. This allows to orient the therapy towards the most effective therapeutic and rehabilitative action, in order to achieve an effective dosage.

Consider this system a transverse method that, instead of following specialization, follows the idea of integrating different techniques and methods, identifying the best algorithmic sequence to verify the obtained results.


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